Grilled Loch Scavaig mackerel with blood orange balsamic oil

Serves 2

4 fillets fresh Mackerel

Scottish rape seed oil

1 cucumber

4 radishes

1 quantity lime marinade (see below)

Orange balsamic vinegar

maldon salt flakes

First make the Lime Marinade

Juice 4 limes

250 grms castor sugar

2 vanilla pods

1. Sieve the juice of the limes in a saucepan, add the sugar and the split vanilla pods.

2. Stir over a medium to high heat and keep stirring until sugar is dissolved, do not boil.

3. Remove from heat and transfer into a bowl and leave to cool.


1. With the cucumber, top and tail it, and peel the skin, discard the skin.

2. Cut the cucumber in half , with one half using the peeler, peel strips from top to bottom, until you reach the seeds, then turn the cucumber and do the same again, until all four sides are done.

3. Discard the middle bit of the cucumber , hold unto the ribbons you have peeled .

4. With the other half of the cucumber, cut into lengths, again discard the seeds, with the lengths you have cut, cut these into small dice ,and keep separately from the ribbons .

5. With the radish, cut these into very thin circles, again keep separate from the cucumber.

6. Pre heat grill, put fillets of Mackerel on a baking sheet, skin side up.

7. Divide the marinade into three bowls, in one bowl immerse the ribbons of cucumber, in another the diced cucumber and the last bowl the circles of radish.

8. Do not leave any of the above in the marinade for longer than ten minutes , after ten minutes drain into kitchen roll, still keeping the three items separate from each other.

9. Drizzle the fillets of Mackerel with rape seed oil, and sprinkle with a few flakes of salt, slide under grill and cook till skin is lightly coloured and starting to crisp up, roughly 5-7 minutes, but check to see it is cooked through.

10. Get two large white plates or two large pasta bowls, arrange the grilled mackerel fillets in the centre of the plates or bowls.

11. Arrange the cucumber ribbons and dice and radish circles over and around the mackerel.

12. Put half a vanilla pod on top of the mackerel and drizzle with rape seed oil, balsamic and a little of the lime marinade.

13. Serve while warm.

This is a very simple lunch time or evening snack, delicious with soda bread or wheaten bread.

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