White chocolate mousse with Blairgowrie raspberry sorbet and passion fruit sauce


80 ml milk

½ vanilla pod

¾ sheet of gelatine

125 grms good quality white chocolate pieces

125 grms double cream


1. Soften gelatine in jug of cold water, put milk, split vanilla pod in saucepan and bring just to the boil.

2. Remove from heat, stir in white chocolate pieces and squeezed gelatine leaf into milk mixture until thoroughly dissolved.

3. Strain through a fine sieve and refrigerate, until just starting to set.

4. Oil rings or moulds you want to use for the mousse, use sunflower oil.

5. Take mousse from the fridge, whisk double cream until soft peak consistency.

6. Fold cream into mousse mixture, until smooth and thoroughly combined, then pour into moulds and smooth off, place in fridge and leave to set for 3-4 hours.

Raspberry Sorbet

250 grms raspberries

120 ml sugar syrup

(100grms castor sugar, 100grms water .Combine and bring to boil in saucepan, and boil for 2 minutes, remove from heat and chill)


1. Put raspberries and chilled sugar syrup into a liquidiser and puree till smooth, pass through a fine sieve .

2. Pour mixture into ice cream machine and churn for 10-20 minutes, until sorbet consistency, put into a container and put in the freezer.

Passion Fruit Sauce

6 passion fruits

quantity of sugar syrup

(see recipe above)


1. Cut passion fruits in half and scoop out seeds, put seeds in liquidiser with half of the sugar syrup, puree till smooth, if too tart add more syrup.

2. Pass through a fine sieve and store in fridge.


1. Get two large white plates, demould mousse into centre of plates.

2. Spoon sauce around edge of plate, along with some fresh raspberries

3. Scoop two balls of sorbet, setting one ball on centre of each mousse

4. And serve