11 June 2016

Outer Hebrides and St Kilda

Derek and Sue Prescott

This 13 night cruise to the Hebrides and St.Kilda was exceptional. Although the weather was somewhat mixed it did not spoil the cruise. Skipper, Ian, made an early decision to deviate from the original planned itinerary and head as early as possible for St.Kilda. The weather forecast implied that it would be more difficult, if not impossible, to get there later in the course of the cruise. This proved to be the case and we arrived at St.Kilda by the second day.  This was the fulfillment not just of our dreams but also of many of the other guests. Such calculated decisions were evident throughout the rest of the cruise, emphasizing the skill and forethought of the skipper.  Visits to Taransay, The Shiants and of course, St.Kilda were the highlights. We enjoyed some spectacular scenery and had an excellent day excursion on Lewis visiting the Gearrannach Black House village, the Callanish Standing Stones and the Isle of Great Bernera All the crew were equally as enthusiastic and efficient as the skipper in their own roles, and the highest praise must be given to them all for their dedication in keeping the guests both welcome and contented. We enjoyed not only the best of care and attention by the crew but also the finest of dining experiences. Their untiring efforts were very much appreciated by all the guests, and their warm and friendly reception to everyone added considerably to the cruise. We would unreservedly recommend The Majestic Line to anyone who would like the very best of personalised cruising experiences.

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