24 September 2016

Around Mull : Wildlife Explorer

Peter Byng

At some stage in this review I have to use the word disappointing; not through any fault of the crew or vessel but the weather which gave us gale force winds, lots of rain and low cloud. As a result, many of the intended activities had to be shelved as we had to stay on the lee of the winds for much of the time. Even so we suffered a dragging anchor one night that required repositioning the vessel. The crew was excellent and attentive throughout, led by skipper Neil. I cannot fault the meals (well, I can, but only because Gordon, the chef, seemed to over-estimate the capacity of my stomach!), nor the care taken to ensure our safety and comfort throughout. Will I go again? Yes - and hope that the Scottish weather is kinder this time and that the wildlife sensibly will not spend as much time sheltering from the wind and rain as it did this time. One couldn't blame the wildlife for seeking similar shelter to us and remaining frustratingly out of sight and at a great distance!

Reponse from The Majestic Line

We were also disappointed at the uncommonly bad weather on the week of Peter’s cruise and we are glad he felt the crew did their best in the circumstances.  We do expect some bad weather during the season but normally every cruise gets its share of good weather, unfortunately not in this case.  There is an element of luck; many of our cruises get excellent weather throughout and we hope Peter will cruise with us again with the weather gods on his side. The Majestic Line Team.

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