23 September 2016

Private Charter 6 Nights

Martin & Linda McAvenna

We thoroughly enjoyed our Majestic 6 day cruise on the MV Glen Tarsan from 23 - 30 September. Passenger service is very well delivered by the personable and professional crew. On our voyage we were hosted by Captain Ian, Steward Darren, Chef Extraordinaire Maggie, and Engineer Adam. The captain begins each day at breakfast with a discussion about weather conditions, cruising expectations for the day, and choice of harbour shelter. As conditions vary during the day, passengers are always kept fully informed. All 4 crew host the meals, and the dining experience is an absolute highlight. Chef Maggie prepared 3 superb, fresh, tasteful meals every day. The wine list is of a high standard. Darren & Adam expertly handle their passenger service management in combination with their many responsibilities to the vessel's smooth sailing. The cabins are comfortable but tight. Toilet and hot shower facilities are fine. We had high hopes of visiting Iona in particular & several other locations on the western side of Mull. But our plans did not eventuate. Majestic do notify passengers well in advance that weather is the determinant on each day's sailing and on-shoring activities. Spoiler Alert! In Scotland, cruising is very much subject to the country's capricious weather. 120 kmh winds and horizontal rain, which we experienced, may limit your opportunity to take the small ship's tender to the shore for explorations. We anchored in sheltered locations overnight as necessary. And remained there until the wind and waves abated. It is a cruise experience we would recommend. Perhaps spring or summer sailing rather than autumn is a worthwhile consideration for intending passengers. Plus your favourite reliable long term weather forecaster!

The Majestic Line Response

We are very pleased that our guests enjoyed many aspects of the cruise despite the bad weather - it is unusual to have a week of such bad weather as happened on the last week of September this season. We very much regret when this happens, for our guests, but it is very much a question of luck. During most of this year's season and even since September the weather has been very good as you can see from our FB posts.  In 12 years of cruising we have found there is no one month better to cruise in terms of the weather than any other and autumn is often one of the best times of the year to cruise. The Majestic Line Team

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