8 April 2017

Isles of the Clyde and the Southern Hebrides

Kathie Fuller

Dear Amanda, I wanted to let you all know how highly I rated everything about my holiday on the Glen Tarsan from first contact, plus your helpful advice, the precruise accommodation and right through to our farewells at Oban. The crew aboard could not have been more helpful, friendly and accommodating. Maggs food was out of this world, I appreciated the way Neil kept us in the loop, and Adam and Ray always made me feel very safe, comfortable, and well cared for. I was expecting a great holiday from what I learned on your website but the reality was even better. I will certainly continue to recommend your cruises and think that I have already convinced 2, and possibly 3 groups of people that this is a "must have" holiday. On board the Glen Tarsan there are plenty of nooks where you can be on your own and the communal dining/lounge area is perfect for when you want company. The small number of passengers means that singles, like me, always feel comfortable and the policy of enabling us to only pay single fare is very much appreciated. Although this cruise is on the other side of the world for me, my aim is to come back for another as soon as I can. Cheers from the Aussie. Kathie.

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