26 April 2014

Mull and her Inlets and Islands

Carole and John Dunphy

Hi Marie,

We are back in Sydney after our cruise and family visits to UK and Ireland. Whilst it was nice to see our family again, we really loved the time we had on our own in our two nights in Oban and on the cruise on the beautiful Glen Massan. We both thought the cruise was superb. Everything was 5 star, the boat, the lovely Puffin Crew, scenery, food and itinerary. A big thank you to Sandy, Ray, Claire and Andie for looking after us so well. It’s a miracle that Andie can produce such plentiful and superbly cooked gourmet meals and snacks from her little Galley kitchen. Both of us had to cut down on our courses and walk a little more to compensate for the plentiful food and treats that Andie provided. You cannot control the weather so we felt especially lucky to have a mostly fine six days, with lots of sun and very little rain. It was nice to motor for a few hours each day, have some shore time for touring and exercise, then have Sandy find us a calm anchorage for every night. Our highlights, apart from the above, were being able to land on Staffa to see the island and Fingal’s Cave, a beautiful sunny warm day on Iona, and the friendships we made with the other seven passengers. Carole liked all the little new-born lambs we saw along the way and we did see the Puffins at a couple of locations. Ray correctly informed me that there are no penguins in the Northern Hemisphere when I said that I thought the Guillemots looked like Penguins! By way of feedback, Glenrigh was a lovely guest house and Iona looked after us very well, plus we had a very nice meal and a few wines and beers at Cuan Mor, on a couple of visits there.

Thank you again for a great cruise and we promise to send as many Aussies your way as we can, by telling them how good The Majestic Line is (only nice Aussies of course).


Carole and John


you can tell Ray there are Penguins in the northern hemisphere – there are a few in the Dubai Ski Field at the Mall of the Emirates as we discovered on our way home!

Carole and John Dunphy

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