21 June 2014

Mull and her Inlets and Islands

Caroline Spence

Dear Marie,

I just wanted to tell you that the Wildlife Cruise around Mull on Glen Tarsan from Saturday 21st to Friday 27th June surpassed all our expectations! We had a truly amazing experience, which has enriched us both and made us hungry for more. First, we need stronger binoculars!

We were so fortunate with calm seas and hardly any midges. We saw Sea Eagles, Golden Eagles, Hen Harriers passing food mid-flight, Puffins, numerous other birds, heard the Corncrakes and loved the wild flowers, Bottle-nosed Dolphins accompanied our boat, Porpoises and Otters, Deer and Wild Goats...and revelled in the beauty of the scenery and light.

We were looked after with impeccable care and consideration by our four Crew; Iain the Skipper, Gavin the Engineer, Steve the Bosun and Mike the Irish, who provided us with superb meals from his little galley kitchen. Each of them pulled together as a cohesive team running the boat and attending to domestic chores with meticulous attention. THEY made the experience happen for us.

Thank you for your good attention to our needs.

We hope to repeat the experience one day but could it be so good again?...

Thank you, Caroline Spence and Clare Howat

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