Wildlife of the Hebrides

Our cruising areas are a haven for wildlife all the year round, and the early summer months can offer close sightings of nesting seabirds on offshore islands. Our cruises to the Isle of Mull are very popular because of the opportunity to go ashore on the Treshnish Isles from April to July to see nesting puffins and other sea birds at close quarters. Dolphins and otters are around all season with basking sharks and minke whales expected to arrive from July onwards, occasionally appearing as early as May. White-tailed eagles are often seen from the vessel and the bird experts amongst our guests have recorded up to 60 bird species while at sea and on shore.

We have had amazing sightings in the water including humpback whales, basking sharks, dolphins porpoises and even minke whales breaching. In the air guests have been surprised and delighted by puffins, sea eagles and golden eagles from the Treshnish Isles up to the Shiant Isles.

Guests have enjoyed sightings of dolphins, wild goats, wild horses, and islands populated only by thousands of seabirds. All our photographs here were taken by guests during their trips with The Majestic Line. We look forward to seeing the wildlife images and videos captured by our guests this year, and will be sharing them on our social media channels.

The Majestic Line became a WiSe accredited company in 2017, to ensure our crews know how to approach and interact with marine wildlife and avoid any disturbance from our activities on the water. Every year our crews undertake WiSe training to ensure that we continue to make wildlife a priority. All our crews are also actively involved in recording sightings of marine mammals using The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust Whale Track App. Working within RSPB guidelines we take you to the land of the white-tailed sea eagle, ensuring minimal disturbance while viewing these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.