Responsible Visitor Charter

The Majestic Line, its staff and crew are dedicated to the protection of our cruising areas by applying sound sustainability practices at work, home and the wider community. We pride ourselves in only leaving a wake as we cruise the west coast of Scotland, Loch Ness and the Caledonian Canal and the Orkney Islands. We invite our guests to follow in our footsteps and help reduce their impact on the environment whilst visiting us. Please consider adopting these measures as you travel and cruise with us.

Consider using public transport

Travelling by bus or train will not only benefit the environment, but it can be the most scenic way of travelling to your embarkation point. The train and bus journey from Glasgow to Oban takes approximately 3 hours, so plenty of time to sit back and relax and enjoy the vista. If, you choose to drive to Oban, Dunoon, Inverness or Kirkwall and have time at the start or end of the cruise then please consider leaving the car whilst you explore local area and use local transport.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Please use the designated bins for recycling when ashore and onboard. Please consider reusing your towels and only placing them in the laundry bag if you need them changed or dried.

Conserve energy

Although all our lights aboard are LED, consider turning off your cabin lights when not in use and charging your phones or tablets when the generator is on.

Use water wisely

All our boats produce water by desalination from sea water and our ensuites have dual flush toilets, low flow sinks and showers but please be mindful of water usage when in your ensuites.

Shop Local

Oban, Dunoon, Inverness and Kirkwall (our embarkation towns) and the many small communities and islands we visit on our cruises have amazing local gifts, arts and crafts, and local food and drink producers (some which you will sample on our cruises). Please consider shopping at the local businesses to assist in supporting these wonderful communities.

Respect the local area and nature

When ashore please dispose of litter respectfully. Follow the designated footpaths ashore and respect the surrounding islands and inlets and this will help us to preserve the stunning landscape of our cruising area. For more information on how to enjoy the great Scottish outdoors, please visit Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Should you spot marine life, please tell our crew so they can add this to the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust’s app, helping to assist in the knowledge and conservation of marine mammals and crustaceans.

Support local culture and heritage

Whilst ashore please take the opportunity to visit some of the amazing historical and cultural places of interest that the islands and Highlands have to offer. This will help future visitors to enjoy these fascinating heritage sites.

Support Green Tourism Businesses

Look for the Green Tourism logo when choosing accommodation, attractions and more to support those companies trying to reduce their impact on the environment. For more information, please visit Green Tourism.

We love hearing about your sustainability ideas so if you have any suggestions please get in touch! Email