Private Cruise Charter Availability

Booking the whole boat for exclusive use really is the best way to experience the west coast of Scotland. Whether it’s for a family holiday or a relaxing get-together with a group of friends, private charter gives you the freedom to choose your own itinerary, helping you to make extra-special memories. Charter has to be booked early; therefore the 2022 cruise calendar is available to allow early booking. The Glen Massan and Glen Tarsan take up to 11 guests on board and the Glen Etive and newly launched Glen Shiel take up to 12 guests on board. Read what our guests thought of their charter here>. Enjoy a 10% discount on normal prices for chartering a full boat. For full price details for private cruise charter click here>. Assuming availability, We can offer 3-night, 6-night or 10-night charters for one or more of our vessels so please get in touch to allow us to create your perfect holiday. Only cruise dates with no bookings are available for charter so do try to save the date as early as possible.

2021 Private Charter Cruises

DateNo. of NightsVesselBook
17 Aug 20213Glen ShielEnquiry
23 Oct 20213Glen ShielEnquiry

2022 Private Charter Cruises

DateNo. of NightsVesselBook
09 Apr 20226Glen EtiveEnquiry
16 Apr 20223Glen MassanEnquiry
16 Apr 20223Glen EtiveEnquiry
19 Apr 20223Glen MassanEnquiry
19 Apr 20223Glen EtiveEnquiry
07 May 20226Glen MassanEnquiry
10 May 20223Glen EtiveEnquiry
24 May 20223Glen EtiveEnquiry
24 May 20223Glen ShielEnquiry
14 Jun 20223Glen ShielEnquiry
19 Jul 20223Glen MassanEnquiry
13 Aug 20226Glen TarsanEnquiry
20 Aug 20226Glen TarsanEnquiry
27 Aug 20226Glen TarsanEnquiry
27 Aug 20226Glen MassanEnquiry
03 Sep 20226Glen MassanEnquiry
06 Sep 20223Glen EtiveEnquiry
06 Sep 20223Glen ShielEnquiry
10 Sep 20223Glen TarsanEnquiry
10 Sep 20223Glen EtiveEnquiry
13 Sep 20223Glen EtiveEnquiry
17 Sep 20226Glen MassanEnquiry
17 Sep 20226Glen EtiveEnquiry
20 Sep 20223Glen ShielEnquiry
24 Sep 20226Glen TarsanEnquiry
24 Sep 20226Glen MassanEnquiry
24 Sep 20226Glen EtiveEnquiry
01 Oct 20226Glen TarsanEnquiry
01 Oct 20226Glen MassanEnquiry
01 Oct 20226Glen ShielEnquiry
08 Oct 20226Glen MassanEnquiry
11 Oct 20223Glen EtiveEnquiry
11 Oct 20223Glen ShielEnquiry
15 Oct 20226Glen TarsanEnquiry
15 Oct 20226Glen EtiveEnquiry
22 Oct 20226Glen TarsanEnquiry
22 Oct 20226Glen MassanEnquiry
22 Oct 20226Glen ShielEnquiry