19 August 2023

Idyllic Isles of the Outer Hebrides - Glen Etive

Stephen & Tina Pedrick

In a nut-shell;- - the Skipper (Chris) was fantastic and ensured all the Guests had the best cruise possible given the weather conditions. - the Chef (Eddy) served the most marvellous dishes and the food was extremely appetizing, if not to die for and we even found the shop in Oban where he bought his cheeses. - everyone looked after us very well and made sure we were well catered for. We were unable to go across to the Outer Hebrides due to the very strong 40mph winds and equally rough seas, without being trapped there. However, that in our mind gave us the chance to experience a much better cruise; visiting Skye, Raasay, and most of the island & mainland Lochs that time allowed, with the opportunities to walk ashore once or twice every day and explore our anchorage areas for ourselves. The scenery in every Loch was breath taking, whether rain or shine and it changed with every minute of the day. The weather went a long way to help in that respect; morning mist rolling up the mountains, wisp of clouds drifting across the mountain, or the mountains cutting through the heavy clouds, shafts/beams of light pin-pointing the landscape, short segments of very wide & well defined rainbows, and sun sets that were truly unbelievable. We went primarily to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, but also to see the wild life. We were not in the slightest disappointed in that respect, with;- numerous Dolphin & Porpoise swimming & leaping with & across the boats bough wave and coming at us in large numbers, a curtain across the Loch of Herring boiling the water as they madly jumped out of the way of pursuing seals and a wide range of bird life. The nature hunt that we also joined on the isle of Mull was also an experience not to forget, with;- two families of White-tailed Eagles, two Golden Eagles, Hen Harrier, Otters, Seals, Red & Roe deer, to mention only a few. We took over 600 magnificent photographs and shown friends only 10% of them, but that was sufficient to awaken their desire to follow suit and think strongly of booking a similar cruise.

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