31 July 2022

Orkney: A Voyage Through Time - Glen Etive

Julie Toland

Our cruise was fantastic! David is the perfect skipper and brilliant seaman with a wonderful sense of humor and well tuned listening skills. we called Phil the gentle giant due to his size and strength and sweet nature. Gordon fed us like royalty and trying to understand his brogue was a daily challenge which we loved. Michaela spoiled us rotten by anticipating our every need with great humor and patience. Despite strong winds and difficult tides david found a secure Anchorage for us every day. He managed to get us to shore daily for lovely walks. The crew was diligent every time we boarded and disembarked in the tender. They loaded and unloaded us consistently and carefully every time without fail. It was the crew’s 1st time in these waters so they did not have local knowledge. We all experienced the Italian chapel and the Churchill barriers together for the first time. Jaw dropping! On our last day we went via taxi to the Stones of Stenness, the Ring of Brodgar and Skara Brae, thanks to David’s special arrangements. Your brochure gave us the impression that visiting stone circles would be commonplace, which it wasn’t. I would’ve been very disappointed to come home from Orkney without having seen Skara Brae, stone circles, and the Unstan Chambered Cairn.

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