4 June 2022

Outer Hebrides and St Kilda - Glen Shiel

Helen Leggat

3 years from booking we finally boarded the Glen Shiel and it was definitely worth the wait. Highlights included getting to the special islands that are St Kilda, the puffins, gannets and fulmars on the stacs, dolphins off the bow, swimming in the turquoise sea at Mingulay, fantastic food, and quizzes. Thanks to the wonderful crew of Neil, Alan, Kirsty and Chloe who brought their individual styles to the trip and made it special. Even when the glorious weather turned to gales and we had to head back to the inner isles, they found lovely anchorages in sheltered bays. Our fellow passengers are now great friends. Here's to the next great adventure on a Majestic boat!

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