10 June 2023

Skye and the Small Isles - Glen Shiel

Chris and Katie Brawn

We had a simply wonderful time. The weather was exceptional and our route took us right around Skye landing on 3 Small isles as well as Plockton and Tobermory. Overnight moorings were in magical bays and it was so lovely to go up on deck and just enjoy the surroundings. Steward Sam looked after us very well with many personal touches, Engineer Alfie, with his friendly grin and strong arm, ensured we enjoyed many trips out and about, Chef Neil prepared perfect meals, canapes, cakes and biscuits and Captain Neil planned a fascinating route with well chosen stops and welcomed us onto the bridge. Our fellow passengers were a delightful bunch and we all enjoyed the shared experience. Our cabin was very comfortable with an excellent bathroom. Pre voyage and booking contacts with the Majestic Line office were especially helpful. We could not have had a happier time and look forward to planning another (our third) voyage soon.

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