20 August 2022

Mull and her Inlets and Islands - Glen Massan

Sue Berry

This was my second trip on board the Glen Massan, having sailed on her along the Caledonian Canal last October. Both times Dougie was the skipper and I couldn’t have asked for a better skipper. Dougie is not only extremely professional, with the safety of his passengers his utmost concern, but is also a really nice guy with a good sense of humour and is very knowledgeable about this beautiful area of Scotland. He and his crew made a very good team, all mucking in together as necessary. Dan, the engineer, impressed with his quiet , mature attitude to what was expected of him even when faced with an unexpected technical issue. Michaela, the bosun, was always helpful and full of fun, being particularly enthusiastic when fishing for mackerel! Before the trip I was a little nervous about getting on and off the tender to go ashore, but I needn’t have worried as both Dan and Michaela were there to help, as were my lovely, fellow passengers. Damien, the chef, whose first week it was working for the Majestic Line, managed to produce delicious meals in the tiniest galley kitchen and didn’t seem phased by the odd rough sea. The itinerary didn’t quite work out as planned. We were unable to visit Staffa or Iona, but it didn’t matter. Instead we had more time to explore the Sound of Mull with its stunning scenery and anchorages. As a solo traveller, I can thoroughly recommend cruising with the Majestic Line, not only because there is no single supplement, and this is a bonus, but because the small numbers of like minded passengers and shared meal times make it easy to chat and socialise. I hope to return!

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