15 April 2023

North West Coast Wilderness - Glen Etive


A once-in-a-lifetime holiday, supposedly, this cruise has hooked me now and I will undoubtedly be booking another. Our team (Rachel, Chris, Eddie and Aaron) worked hard and cheerfully to make sure we had a superb, unforgettable trip. Looking out across the shining sea to see majestic mountains all around whilst standing on deck , with the excitement of possibly spotting an unusual bird or a surfacing marine mammal, made for a unique experience. The fun of sailing on the tender ashore to explore, the serene and beautiful anchorages chosen, the delicious carefully-considered meals and snacks provided ceaselessly, all contributed to ensure a top quality cruise. The cabin was surprisingly un-boatlike, very comfortable and clean, with a well-equipped en-suite, as good as a luxury hotel (but with more character - a porthole with an exhilarating view of the sea racing past). My principal aim was to see wildlife and scenery, which was fulfilled, one highlight being lots of dolphins leaping alongside the ship on my birthday morning.

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