2 April 2022

Coastlines and Castles of Argyll and the Clyde - Glen Massan

David Gurney

This was a great experience - an intimate cruise on a quaint boat with a great crew who went out of their way to ensure our every needs were met. Being the first cruise of the season there were a few minor teething troubles and weather issues but the crew more than made up for these. The skipper Dougie was really helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Our chef Stu was really approachable and explained all his creations - what can I say the food was estupendo....far too good :). Our engineer Alfie is such a good guy and would do anything to help and certainly knew what he was doing. Our bosun Maggie was relatively new to the boat but stuck in with the heavy work, did a great job of preparing our cabins and was always on hand to serve meals, offer tea, coffee or something stronge the well stocked bar. Totally recommend this cruise.

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