3 June 2017

Outer Hebrides and St Kilda

Trish Reid

I'm sorry that this review is a bit late! The cruise to the Outer Hebrides and St Kilda was absolutely fabulous. We had some beautiful weather for shore landings and wildlife viewing, and some exciting wet and wild weather in some areas as well - so something for everyone! This was my 3rd trip with the Majestic Line and I revelled in the wonderful - and copious - amounts of food and the generous hospitality as always. To get to St Kilda for a few hours was a dream come true, and the idyllic scenery of places like Taransay and Vatersay won my heart to the Outer Hebrides. Please thank Skipper Ian, chef Irish Mike, Engineer Mike and chief steward Darin for a wonderful and memorable cruise. My next trip is on a container ship around Asia because I love being at sea, but I'm planning a return to Scotland and hopefully the Majestic Line in 2020. My best wishes and thank you to you all for giving me so many beautiful memories of your lovely country.

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