26 August 2017

Mull and her Inlets and Islands

Professor Frank Land

Administration - Booking, Information provision, arrangements of logistics - embarkation, disembarkation all exemplary - no hitches or unforeseen problems. The Glen Massan - The small converted trawler suites as well with an excellent common/dining room well provisioned with reading material and games. However our sleeping cabin was rather restricted in size and lacked space for the storage of clothing. A small chest of draws would have helped and as far as we could tell there was room for a small chest next to the wash basin in the bathroom without impeding access to the escape door. Be we did manage quite well despite the restrictions. The Crew - The four crew could not be bettered. They were considerate, helpful, above all seemed to enjoy the cruise and the interaction with the passengers. Catering - Special thanks to Michael who created miracles of good food in his tiny galley. The high standard of catering and service contributed significantly to the enjoyment of the cruise. Fellow Passengers - With such a small group the importance of relationships with the whole group is essential. The very disparate group blended well with each other and with the crew. The Cruise - The flexible itinerary worked well. Martin managed to avoid the rougher seas and found lovely spots to stop and, for those who could, explore. The scenery each day was superb. My wife and I missed out on that we as were unable to make the transfer from cruise ship to tender to shore, though I managed one on shore excursion with the help of Marina and Robert. But in pre-cruise correspondence it had been suggested that we should manage rather more excursions. We did miss these to some extent but were very content staying on board. Weather - Hebridean. No day was a wash-out and none provided full sunshine. Summary - A very enjoyable experience primarily the result of the social interaction between crew and passengers, plus the quality of food created by Michael. Our only wish is that we were a few years younger. Our daughters enjoyed the cruise and could take full advantage of the excursions. I would be happy to recommend the cruise to anybody interested. ______________________________________ Thank you for your detailed review and suggestions. We will take this into consideration for 2018.

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