13 July 2019

Outer Hebrides and St Kilda - Glen Shiel

Christine Pietrowski

I have wanted to visit St Kilda for over 50 years since reading about the incredibly difficult lives of the islanders. So to set foot there on the third day of our cruise on Glen Sheil was magical. Many thanks to skipper Neil for working with the weather to make it happen. And that’s the beauty of Majestic Cruises. With no set itinerary, each day is an adventure that makes the most of the weather! So we stopped at Mingulay to see the puffins, arrived by tender at Dunvegan Castle for a morning visit, went off by minibus from Stornaway to see the Standing Stones and black houses, shopped in Tobermory and had a talk at the Whale and Dolphin Trust and anchored overnight in deserted bays surrounded by spectacular scenery. Glen Sheil was a very comfortable, well equipped boat and on only her second week out we felt privileged to be on board. And we were looked after wonderfully by dependable skipper Neil, the ever cheerful Robert (whose guitar playing and singing on our last evening was a revelation!), lovely Marina; who tidied up after us, folded napkins into wonderful shapes, poured a good G&T and generally cosseted us, and Mike, the chef, who produced the most staggeringly wonderful, imaginative food - at possibly too regular intervals!

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