26 June 2021

Isle of Skye and the Inner Hebrides - Glen Tarsan

Chrissy Russell

Peter, Janet and I have just returned from the Skye & the Inner Hebrides cruise. We had the most fabulous time. The skipper Dave was superb, very knowledgeable, calm when things weren't going to plan and happy to answer all our silly questions on how things work. Steve, the engineer, had a dry sense of humour which was very entertaining. He showed us round the engine room and we were in awe at what had to be done on the Glen Tarsan just to get the engine fired up in the morning. He worked hard to make the cruise enjoyable for everyone. Max, the bosun, was a delight, his enthusiasm shone through, he said that joining Majestic was the best decision of his life. We might add that it was the best decision you made to employ him. He was so very willing to do anything for people to help, to make the cruise more comfortable, to get something that somebody wanted and generally was a joy to be around. His napkin folding skills were awesome, he went to great lengths to do a different fold every evening - I think he had a book on it! Please do keep him on, he is a huge asset to your company. Mags the chef was an incredibly hard worker and her food is out of this world. I am well known as a very picky eater and I had challenged myself to try everything put in front of me and not to turn anything away. I am so glad I did this for I discovered a love of a far wider range of foods than I had ever imagined. My husband was very disappointed as he has become accustomed to hoovering up whatever I don't eat! So my very grateful thanks to Mags for awakening my mind and taste buds. I did speak to her and she was very pleased that I had enjoyed her food so much. We were also very lucky with the weather and really enjoyed the chance to explore the islands - we had no idea there were so many little islands off the coast of Scotland. All in all we had such a fabulous time that we all want to book another cruise.

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