Glen Tarsan Poem

Cruising with the Majestic Line can prove inspirational as this lovely poem we received from Julie Hughes demonstrates.  Julie cruised aboard the Glen Tarsan on an 'Isle of Skye and the Inner Hebrides Cruise' .     If cruising with The Majestic Line has inspired you, we would be delighted if you would like to share it with us email  we love receiving poems, paintings, sketches and photographs from your cruises with us.



10 total strangers went to sea

In a beautiful Majestic line boat

It cost lots of money

But the weather was sunny

And it sailed to places remote.


Neil is the skipper

And what he says goes

But what IS he saying?

Well, nobody knows!


Marina's small, but feisty

She entertains us with her tales

She runs everything like clockwork

Her magic never fails


Andy rushes from here to there

Fixing engines, pouring beer.

Admire the quiff in his golden hair

As he smiles from ear to ear.


And what to say of Carleton

Our Chef extraordinaire

A genuine force of nature

In skimpy underwear (allegedly!)

From turbot to roast beef and lamb

And all things in between

That man can use leftovers

And create the food of dreams.


The passengers - a motley crew -

Are led by Dangerous Dave

And his lady, fair Maid Marion

They're everybody's fave (especially Carleton)


Bo'sun Liz and little Win

Plus Gillian and Lyn

And, of course, there's 'J' and Norman

Who loves food and wine - and gin!


Wee Georgie's often cheeky

And Jules will roll her eyes

If he ever does go overboard

It won't be a great surprise!


We've helped each other up the hills

We've laughed - and mopped up blood!

But mostly we've said 'yum' and 'mmmm'

As we've bonded over food!


We've sailed to many places

And the sun has shone each day

The water has been glassy calm

As we've made our merry way


We've tried to keep our eyes skinned -

The iPad had been banned -

For the dolphins, whales and puffins

Of this bonny, bonny land


From Oban to Portree, Inverie to Loch Scavaig

From the stunning loch Drumbuie

To Tobermory, Rum and Eigg

A Kodak moment at each turn

Amazing sights and lots of luck

As well as Carleton's kilt we've seen

Cows on the beach in Muck


We've got along just famously

With nary a cross word

But it could all have turned nasty

If we'd run out of lemon curd


So let's raise glasses with 'a wee dram'

(Norman - glass in either hand!)

A toast to the Glen Tarsan

No doubt about it - it's been grand


So farewell to crazy Carleton

Skipper Neil and amiable Andy

Thank you too Aqua Marina -

It's been real life Para Handy


10 total strangers went to sea

And now their journey ends.

They started out as strangers

But ended up as friends.



Julie Hughes,  7 June 2018