Wildlife of the Hebrides

The Hebrides is a fantastic habitat for a wild variety of wildlife.  Here are just some of the wildlife that has been spotted and photographed on our cruises so far this year.   

The first image is of a dolphin enjoying the bow wake of the Glen Tarsan just off Islay at Port Ellen, taken by Bosun Marina Murray.

Our second image is of common dolphin playing in the Sound of Mull, taken by engineer Robert Murray.

The third image is of Sammy the Seal taken in Stornoway Harbour, by Robert Murray, Engineer on Glen Etive.   

The fourth image is of a hedgehog spotted crossing the road in the south of Mull close to Loch Spelve.

The next image is of Rhizostoma Pulmo more commonly known as the Barrel Jellyfish taken by Bosun Flick on the Glen Etive.

Chef Gordon Howe on a trip to Lunga took the shot of the Puffins, and the Red Deer Stags on Rum was taken by Paul Bew.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will see wildlife on our cruises, but being out there on the water and visiting the islands makes your chances of seeing something much more likely.  There are plenty of pairs of binoculars on board each vessel and our crews are all good at knowing what to look for and pointing out wildlife and interesting geographical features to guests.