A Taste of the Hebrides 3-nights

From £1160.00 per person (From £1045.00 April & October) - Glen Massan and Glen Tarsan

From £1345.00 per person (From £1210.00 April & October) - Glen Etive and Glen Shiel

This short break cruise in sheltered waters provides a taste of everything our longer cruises offer. Glide through splendid coastal scenery, visit coastal communities, soak in the local history and culture, enjoy delicious gourmet food and experience the very best of Highland hospitality afloat. In a few days, experience all aspects of the dramatic scenery the west coast of Scotland offers with a choice of anchorages fringed with forests and mighty mountain ranges. The cruising area stretches from Loch Linnhe and Glencoe, to the Sound of Mull, Tobermory and Loch Sunart, exploring many hidden coves and inlets on the way. The coastlines are dotted with ancient castles and historic relics to view from the sea or to go ashore and explore.

A Taste of the Hebrides

DateNightsSpacesPrice ppVesselBook
12 October 201930£1,045.00Glen MassanFully Booked
15 October 201930£1,045.00Glen MassanFully Booked

A Taste of the Hebrides

DateNightsSpacesPrice ppVesselBook
18 April 202030£1,045.00Glen MassanFully Booked
21 April 202030£1,045.00Glen MassanFully Booked
2 May 202030£1,345.00Glen ShielFully Booked
9 May 202032£1,160.00Glen TarsanBook Now
12 May 202030£1,160.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
6 June 202030£1,160.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
11 July 202038 £1,160.00Glen TarsanBook Now
18 July 2020310 £1,160.00Glen MassanBook Now
21 July 202037 £1,160.00Glen MassanBook Now
1 August 202030£1,345.00Glen EtiveFully Booked
4 August 202036£1,345.00Glen EtiveBook Now
8 August 202030£1,160.00Glen MassanFully Booked
11 August 202036 £1,160.00Glen MassanBook Now
12 September 202032£1,160.00Glen TarsanBook Now
15 September 202035 £1,160.00Glen TarsanBook Now
26 September 202038£1,345.00Glen EtiveBook Now
29 September 202039 £1,345.00Glen EtiveBook Now
3 October 202030£1,210.00Glen ShielFully Booked
6 October 202030£1,210.00Glen ShielFully Booked

A Taste of the Hebrides

DateNightsSpacesPrice ppVesselBook
17 April 2021311 £1,045.00Glen MassanBook Now
20 April 2021311 £1,045.00Glen MassanBook Now
24 April 2021312 £1,210.00Glen EtiveBook Now
27 April 2021312 £1,210.00Glen EtiveBook Now
8 May 2021311 £1,160.00Glen TarsanBook Now
11 May 2021311 £1,160.00Glen TarsanBook Now
5 June 2021311 £1,160.00Glen TarsanBook Now
8 June 202137 £1,160.00Glen TarsanBook Now
17 July 2021311 £1,160.00Glen MassanBook Now
20 July 2021311 £1,160.00Glen MassanBook Now
7 August 2021311 £1,160.00Glen MassanBook Now
7 August 2021312 £1,345.00Glen EtiveBook Now
10 August 2021311 £1,160.00Glen MassanBook Now
10 August 202130£1,345.00Glen EtiveFully Booked
11 September 2021311 £1,160.00Glen TarsanBook Now
14 September 2021311 £1,160.00Glen TarsanBook Now
18 September 2021312 £1,345.00Glen EtiveBook Now
21 September 2021312 £1,345.00Glen EtiveBook Now
2 October 2021312 £1,210.00Glen ShielBook Now
5 October 2021312 £1,210.00Glen ShielBook Now
9 October 2021312 £1,210.00Glen EtiveBook Now
12 October 2021312 £1,210.00Glen EtiveBook Now

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